Anonymous Play Puts The Game Back In Your Hands

Online competition is riddled with predatory poker players using heads-up displays (HUDs) to break you down. Ignition's Anonymous Tables eliminate that threat, letting you play poker the way it was meant to be played.

Level Field

No playing history available to opponents.

Real Control

No tracking software exposing your tendencies.

Skill Building

Action that truly practices for live matches.

Why Heads-Up Displays Are Bad For The Game

Anonymous Tables - Keeping The Sharks Out

Poker is meant to be fun. Ignition Poker is for players looking to put skill to the test, not robotic play using the best software money can buy. Here’s how our Anonymous Tables look and feel:

When it comes to poker strategy, people tend to use one of two styles: exploitative, or game-theory optimal (GTO).

The first style, exploitative, is when you try to take advantage of an opponent’s mistakes – this is the style preferred by people who use HUDs, since HUDs give them an unfair advantage when analyzing every aspect of their opponent’s plays and tendencies.

The second style is a bit more difficult to master. It looks at the mathematical ratios between bet size and pot size, considers the strength of possible hands, and helps to avoid being exploited by other players. This playing style is foundational if you want to win on Ignition or in live casino matches.

The best poker players in the world use a blend of these two styles. When you play Anonymous cash games at Ignition, you can still pay attention to your opponents and try to exploit them. However, you won’t be pitted against opponents who have an unfair advantage in exploiting you.

All matches on Ignition Poker, including tournament play, are at anonymous tables. However, in tournament play, players are assigned a number they’ll have throughout the tournament. This makes it possible for you to pay attention game-to-game, learning an opponent’s tendencies and forming a strategy for victory down the stretch. In this way, Anonymous Tables make for an authentic poker tournament experience.

On poker sites where HUDs can be used, you will be especially exposed during tournament play. As you move through matches and up the standings, the more likely it is you’ll run into opponents running HUDs to track and exploit your playing style.