Bonus system

The Lowdown on How it Pays to Play.

You’re in the Money

Free chips are the name of the game when it comes to treating Ignition’s top players. The best part? You don’t need to make a deposit to score a free chip—make the perk yours by clicking on the “Claim” button. Simple as that.

More for Bang for Your Buck

Make a deposit
With match bonuses, you get more bang for your buck. Make a deposit and we’ll match the amount in bonus funds depending on the match bonus percentage. Once you’ve triggered your bonus, each bet you place going forward releases some of your bonus funds into your cash funds. You can use that money to keep playing our stellar games or withdraw all that sweet green any time.

Keep a Lookout for Exclusive Offers

Cash-In, Cash-Out
Look at the bottom of your Bonus Page and you’ll notice a field that lets you enter and redeem bonus codes, which are sent to you by email or SMS. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our mailing list to get on all the exclusive offers going around.
Manage your subscription

Understanding Your Bonus Balances

Cash Balance

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a balance amount displayed at the top-right of the page. This represents your cash funds. Don’t forget, cash funds are different from bonus funds, so claiming a bonus won’t affect your cash balance.

Cash Balance

Bonus Balance

The balance showing on your Bonus Page shows your bonus funds. Bear in mind that some bonus funds won’t be available for use on certain games. You can also check out the bonus description, found under Active Bonuses, if you need more information.

Bonus Balance

Playable Balance

Have a look at the bonus details in your Bonus Manager to see if you can use your funds on your favorite games. As a rule, the playable balance for any (participating) game will be your cash balance total combined with your current bonus balance.

Playable Balance

Your Active Bonuses – Learn More

Click on a numbered section to learn what it means.

  • Cash Bonus
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 1 Released Funds

      Match bonuses involve you making a deposit to claim the free money we give you. Whenever you bet on a game, a portion of your bonus funds gets released into your cash balance. These funds are called released funds.

    • 2 Remaining Funds

      Your Remaining Funds are how much of your original bonus is left waiting to be released into your cash balance.

    • 3 Playthrough Progress

      The term Playthrough is the total number of wagers you need to make in order to cash out your bonus and any winnings gained from bets placed with your bonus funds.

    • 4 Locked Funds

      Let’s say you claim a match bonus. We lock some of the funds until the conditions of the bonus are met. These funds are known as Locked Funds and can be used anywhere at Ignition, but can’t be withdrawn until you fulfil the bonus playthrough requirements.

Bonus FAQs

More Play More Pay Bonus

The More You Play, The More We Pay.

When you score a match bonus, all you have to do is make a deposit and we'll match it in bonus funds. Every time you place a bet using your deposit funds, a portion of your bonus funds will be released into your cash balance. Unreleased funds can be used for wagering, but only on a specified product (be it in our poker room or casino), while released funds can be used anywhere on our site.

Enjoy More Freedom

Enjoy More Freedom

Our bonus system allows you to withdraw any cash funds or winnings gained from bets placed with your cash funds, even if your bonus conditions haven't been met. Only bets placed with your bonus funds are locked until the rollover requirements are met. As for any winnings gained from cash funds, you can forfeit the remaining bonus and cash out - it's that simple.

Match or Reload Bonuses

Match or Reload Bonus

For Match or Reload Bonuses, the system will automatically use your Withdrawable Cash first, then your Locked Cash and lastly your Bonus funds will be used.

Cash Bonuses

Cash Bonuses

For Cash Bonuses, the system will automatically use your Bonus Funds first, then your Withdrawable Cash and lastly your Locked Cash will be used.

Additional Information

If your balance isn't enough to cover your wager amount, the system will automatically deduct the remaining amount from the next balance in the respective order.


In the event that the next balance in the order is a bonus balance that can't be used for a specific product where you want to place a wager/play, the system will prompt you to make a deposit.

Just Keep Playing

Just Keep Playing

For bonuses which can be used in more than one channel you can complete rollover by playing in more than one channel.


Example: If you make a deposit for $100 and receive a Match Bonus of $100 for a total of $200, with a 5x poker points per dollar and 20x casino rollover, your rollover requirement would be to earn 1000 poker points, wager $4,000 in the casino OR a combination of both.


Using the above example, you could earn 500 poker points (1/2 of the total rollover requirement) and wager $2,000 in the casino (1/2 of the total rollover requirement) and the rollover requirement would be met.

Know Your Rollover

Know Your Rollover

Unless otherwise stated, the rollover requirement for Match or Reload Bonuses will be calculated on the deposit and bonus amounts.


For Cash Bonuses the rollover requirement is calculated on the bonus amount received.

Drip Bonus

Poker Points Pay

Poker bonuses work very different from other types of bonuses we offer at Ignition Casino. With Poker Drip Bonuses the funds are released to your account as you earn Poker Points not when you make a deposit.


After opting into the promotion, the system will track the number of Poker Points you've earned during the promotional period and the bonus will be released in increments based on the terms and conditions for the particular bonus.


Example: For a Poker Drip Bonus up to $100, with $10 being released for every 50 Poker Points earned for the next 14 days will be released as follows:


Day 1: You earned 75 Poker Points and $10 bonus was released (dripped) to your account
Day 2: You earned 275 Poker Points and $60 bonus was released to your account (for a total or $70)
Day 5: You earned 350 Poker Points and $30 bonus was released to your account (the remaining $30 of the maximum of $100 for this bonus)