Classic Tri Card Poker

Tri-Card Poker

Game Description

There are three ways to have fun and potentially win some cash playing Ignition Casino's popular table game Tri Card Poker. Choose to play against the dealer by betting in the Ante betting circle. Just make sure you've got the better three-card hand because if so, you'll pocket some easy winnings. If you prefer to play solo, simply place a bet in the Pair Plus betting circle and aim to pick up at least a pair in your three-card hand. If both game play options sound appealing, bet on the two like a true poker champ.


How To Play Tri-Card Poker


Bets don't have to be equal amounts. After placing the ante, the player is dealt three cards face up and the dealer, three cards face down. The player has the option to fold the hand, or raise if they think they can beat the dealer's hand. The dealer then shows their hand, but only if they have a queen or higher. The highest hand between player and dealer is declared the winner. If the dealer has the highest, the player loses both the ante and the raise. If the dealer doesn't qualify, the player is paid 1/1 on the ante and the raise is returned as a push. If the player has a straight or better, he gets paid accordingly. The Pair Plus is a separate bet that wins if the player's hand has a pair or higher. Payout is based on rank of hand. See the chart below.



Ante Bonus Pay Table and Hand Ranks

Rank Payout Table 2
Straight flush 5:1
3 of a kind 4:1
Straight 1:1


Pair Plus Pay Table and Hand Ranks

Rank Payout Table 2
Straight flush 40:1
3 of a kind 30:1
Straight 6:1
Flush 4:1
1 pair 1:1


Button Descriptions

  • Bet - To place the ante, the player must select the ante circle and then a chip value. To place a Pair Plus bet, the player must select the Pair Plus circle and then input the chip value.
  • Deal - Used to start the game after you've placed your initial bet.
  • Raise - An additional bet that is equal to the ante.
  • Fold - Forfeits the ante and Pair Plus bet and ends the hand.
  • Rebet - When a hand is complete, players have the option to rebet the same amount previously bet.