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Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino

We are very excited to finally launch our Bitcoin casino to players from within Australia. That’s right, Aussie punters, get your Bitcoin gambling hats on because it’s time to hit the slots, the card tables and roll the dice at Ignition Casino.

Do casinos accept bitcoin?

If you know your way around your local casino then you already know exactly what it’s like to walk into a place like The Star in Sydney so we won’t bore you with details about all of the water features or the glitzy finish. If you want to play with your hard earned cash and turn it into chips for the dicing tables or the dealers, then you’re going to have to use an ATM to get access to it. What happens at the ATM? Yep, bank withdrawal fees. Bloody big ones. Does Crown Casino in Melbourne offer you the option of Bitcoin gambling? Do they even know what a Bitcoin casino is? Probably not. 

We are a Bitcoin casino that welcomes patrons of all walks of life, looking for as many thrills as possible. That’s why you’re here. You’re here to play all the best games because you know that an online casino is always going to put their patron first with titillating little extras and perks like a no deposit bonus or a Bitcoin match bonus offering you 200% BTC deposit match in playing credits, up to $2000, that you can use instantly to start winning real money on any of our games.

Online gambling outstripped and out-perked the brick and mortar, backwater cousins a long time ago and it’s time that you started seeing the benefits of how a btc casino can help you, the patron, get the most from your casino. Chances are that you’re already pretty familiar with what bitcoin is if you’re looking for places that accept bitcoin betting. It’s sensible then to assume that you know your way around the internet, too. But do you really know how much better the online version of any casino actually is?

We mentioned earlier how you get stung by the exorbitant bank fees on taking out your own cash from an ATM just to bankroll your fun at your local casino, or even your local club. We also mentioned that places like The Treasury Casino up in Brisbane aren’t a Bitcoin casino and how they don’t offer patrons an instant bonus just for walking in the door. We did mention that, didn’t we? Because they don’t. Only at a virtual gambling haven tucked away in a fun and exciting corner of the internet are you likely to find an immediate reward just for stopping in to check out what’s on offer. And you can use that reward immediately on any of our available games.

So, let’s get to the kinds of games we have available for our new Australians on the hunt for Bitcoin gambling, fresh from their weary experiences at city-slicked casinos embedded in the heart of metropolitan hell. What wonders await you? Blackjack fan, are ya?

Find a range of variations and versions of the world-famous 21 card game including Single Deck and Double Deck 21 where the house edge is so dull, it’s barely there at all. You’ll never get bored playing this timeless classic because we will always find a way to keep you entertained and thrilled to your boots after every hand.

If cards are your particular choice today but you don’t feel like a one-on-one with just the dealer, head on over to the baccarat corner and pick your preferred version. If you’ve heard of the game but you’re not sure of the rules, never fear. We have a few How-To’s put together, including a few pointers on the basics of a strategy and whether conservative or wild betting is your choice of attack, you’ll find the cards obliging. Choose Practice Mode to make sure that you understand what you’re doing before you start Bitcoin gambling, then have fun and happy winning.

Moving along the social spectrum of card games ranked in order of zero contact to full, no-holds-barred people chess, we arrive at the poker options. Poker has been the world’s favourite way to pass the time for hundreds of years and it’s easy to see why. Pull up a seat at an anonymous table and keep your tells to yourself, knock yourself out playing video poker against the machine, or join a scheduled tournament. Whatever suits your fancy is fine by us. You can also go through the motions in Practice Mode to ensure you know your Texas Hold’em’s from your Omaha’s. 

Everybody’s time honoured favourite has to be the pokies and we have plenty of those to choose from. Pick 5 reel progressive jackpot wowsers or keep it simple, Simon with a 3 reel game or 50.

As a Bitcoin casino we’re not just about the digital dollars. Your preferred payment method is our privilege and we offer AUD deposits, fiat currency from around the world, as well as your credit cards. Payouts are quick and simple. We like to keep our patrons happy so ensure you check the Promotions page regularly for more perks and rewards just for being you.

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