Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports Betting in USA

Bet on simulated soccer games and races round the clock with virtual sports betting in our US-based casino. Upon first glance, you might think these are real sports clips. The simulations are very convincing, so you may be surprised to find out that there’s no human element in these virtual sports. The outcomes are pre-determined by software, so they function more like an online casino game.

Complementing the virtual sports are the virtual races. These can take you to a motor speedway for supercars, a racecourse for horses or greyhounds, or even the Middle East for camel racing. Place your bet and watch the race play out on screen in front of you.

What are Virtual Sports?

Distinct from esports, which allow people to bet on video game tournaments, virtual sports use computer-generated simulations to mimic a sports game. The game is shown on screen as a highlight reel, so you can catch the best moments and see how the game ended. To bet on virtual sports, you select odds on the betting page and then tap the “Start Match” button under the bet slip.

The races are also simulations, except for one version of the Greyhound races where we use real footage. The outcome is determined by the same Random Number Generator technology that we use in the casino. 

Virtual Soccer

At this time, the virtual sports games are exclusively soccer matches. You can bet on an English league or on international matchups. For each game, the specs for each team are shown on the pre-game screen, in addition to an overall strength meter, giving you an idea of how good each team is before placing a bet.

Virtual Horses

No need to wait for the Kentucky Derby to bet on horses; the virtual horses provide an opportunity to feel the thunder of the hooves dashing down a virtual racecourse any time of day. Bet on a horse to win, place, or show if you’re looking for easy fun. Those who want something more challenging can get into the exotics.

Virtual Greyhounds

Greyhound races are very popular in our virtual sports section. Watch six contenders blast out of the gates and race to the end. Your role is to try to pick a dog to win, or finish second or third. For a bigger payout, you can try to get the exact order of the winners through the exotics.

Virtual Supercars

If you prefer the mechanical element of racing, the supercars will be right up your alley. These races last under a minute and are lots of fun to watch. See if you can guess any of the top-three drivers out of a list of six for payouts that reflect their probability. Each driver’s competitive level is shown on the pre-race page beside the bet slip.