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Ultimate Casino Specialty Games Guide

Players looking for fun typically find it in the Specialty Games section of Ignition's online casino. Specialty Games are like keno or bingo. These low-pressure online real money games provide the free rush of gambling you’d get from any other casino game like poker, roulette, or slots, without the need to commit very much time and effort to learning rules or strategy to win. Most people can play a round of bingo, or make their way through a scratch card at the drop of a hat, and those are just two games of the many online specialty games available at Ignition Casino for real money.


In order to filter and find the right one to play online through the options in our online casino Specialty Games page, there’s a drop-down menu that categorizes the games into the following five groups: All Specialty Games, Rival, Bingo, Scratch Cards, and Dice Games. Here’s how each category works:

  •  Rival is a popular casino game developer with a big play following. You’ll find Rival-brand bingo, scratch cards, and a Sudoku Box Game when you filter using “Rival” in the drop-down menu.
  • Most people are familiar with how to play bingo. This filter populates all 11 games of the popular lotto-card game, plus one bingo-themed slot called Five Reel Bingo.
  • These scratch cards are just like what you’d buy at the convenience store, only far more convenient. With eight different themes to choose from, our scratch cards offer eight unique play experiences. Some include interactive online animations.
  • Casino Dice Games leads you to the Fish-Prawn-Crab-inspired game, Roll the Dice. Simply bet on animations and roll the three dice to see if you can roll your picks.









Why are Specialty Games so Popular Online?

Just like how blackjack and poker are popular among strategists, specialty games are popular with people looking for a low-key casino games play experience. With an emphasis on luck, these games require very little training, making them a bonus for people looking to unwind after a busy day. Take a look at Keno for instance; bar patrons often want to play a round of Keno at a neighborhood tavern in order to add a little excitement to their night. There’s no pressure, but if they win, all the better.


Another reason specialty games are popular is because of the low cost involved. Scratch cards can be purchased for as little as a penny, bingo can be played for a dime, and a round of Keno ranges from $0.01 to $10. That’s an easy way to stretch out a bankroll, getting the most entertainment as possible. Give Bingo and Keno and the rest of the Specialty Games a try here at Ignition's online casino


Play Specialty Games for Real Money at Ignition


Most Popular Specialty Games

If you’re new to specialty games online and unsure where to begin, consider starting with the most popular ones. It’s hard to compete with bingo, keno and scratch cards, but even within these groups, there are certain versions that are more popular than others.



With the number of bustling bingo halls out there, it’s not surprising that bingo is the most popular specialty game. When you play online bingo for real money at our online casino, the game selection grows exponentially. Themed bingo with bonus features is the new big thing and it has generated a big fan base. That being said, standard bingo will always have a place in the heart of traditionalists. You will find both in our online casino along with roulette and slots. You will be calling out BINGO in no time! 

For a themed bingo adventure with jackpot potential, consider trekking to the Amazon with Amazonia Bingo. This version comes with a bonus special feature that lets you purchase extra balls, and a bonus round that has you exploring the rainforest with animal companions as a guide. The soundtrack will make you feel like you’re in a live rainforest when you play for real money.

For a more traditional bingo play experience, there’s American Bingo, which has a 5x5 grid with a star in the center of the cards. There’s also European Bingo, which has 3x9 grids. With three options to choose from, these versions let you customize the number of balls you want drawn. Fewer balls lead to higher real money payouts, but lower odds.



Another lotto-style game, Keno appeals more to people who crave luck in their online casino gaming, such as roulette players. Instead of receiving a play full of pre-populated numbers, like you would with bingo, Keno lets you pick up to 20 of your own numbers; you can even record your lucky numbers and bet them instantly with the “My Numbers” button, what a bonus! Out of our two real money games of Keno, Keno Draw is the more popular one, as it lends itself well to mobile play and lets you customize the colors and game speed for free.


Scratch Cards

You may wonder if you can get the same satisfaction from a virtual scratch card as you get from the physical ones. As big fans, we made sure to replicate the play experience as closely as possible. Game icons are concealed by a coating that needs to be scratched off by click-and-dragging your curser; if you’re playing on a touchscreen, this motion is quite similar to physically scratching card. Make sure the audio is enabled to enjoy the full online experience when you play for real money.

At Ignition Casino, we don’t believe in boring casino games for real money. For that reason, you’ll enjoy a wide range of themes, including penguins, tropical beaches, fishing trips, pirates, gunslingers and more. As you play, a lot of the animations move or react in unexpected ways. One can play online for real money with every adventure and theme possible. 








How are the Jackpots Calculated?

Play any of our themed bingos, and you’ll notice that among the bonus features, there’s almost always a progressive jackpot included at our casino games. These jackpots might seem like random amounts of cash like spinning the reel in slots or watching the roulette table, but they’re calculated systematically, taking a portion of every coin wagered and putting it in a pot to grow.


In order to be eligible for the bingo progressive jackpots in our casino games, you need to play with four cards, and each card must have at least $1 wagered, for a total of $4 bet per round. Specific directions can be found in the game rules, which can be accessed through the menu on the game screen.


Another one of our casino games that contains a jackpot is Rival’s Sudoku Number Box Game. Anyone who’s played the Japanese number-placement game will appreciate the care that went into the casino version’s design. The game looks and feels like the traditional one, but the rules are different. To play sudoku casino online, you simply hit the “Spin” button to mix up the nine numbers on the grid like in slots. If you match three or more numbers, you win the payout indicated in the paytable.


In order to win Sudoku’s two jackpots, you must land numbers one to nine, without repeating, in the grid. A 500-coin payout is awarded when the numbers land in a mixed order, and a 50,000-coin jackpot is awarded when the numbers land in consecutive order, starting in the first square and ending in the final square. Because this jackpot is a set amount, it doesn’t progress as more and more people bet on the casino game. In a way, it's like slots with symbols or numbers lining up. 


Even if your go-to casino games are table games, slots, roulette, or video poker, adding specialty games to your routine can help shake things up. Even the pros don’t just grind away at blackjack; variety is the spice of life, and the wide variety of specialty games in our casino will keep things fresh and exciting. And who knows—you might just win a jackpot out of it.

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