The Race to One Million

The Race to One Million

A major milestone is fast approaching, and so is your chance to win big. Join in The Race to One Million and walk away with $10,000 — if you’re the lucky one who makes the millionth Bitcoin deposit.

To enter, simply deposit $20 or more in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. If you make the millionth deposit, you'll win $10,000. We’re also giving $1,000 to ten players who make a deposit in the lead-up. Each deposit you make gives you a chance, and winners will be randomly drawn when we hit 1 million.



This cryptocurrency milestone comes thanks to Ignition’s commitment to low cost, safe and easy payment methods. We’re excited to be racing towards the 1 millionth transaction only a few short years after starting to accept Bitcoin.

Keep rocking Bitcoin on Ignition, and start your engine for a surprise payday and the added bragging rights that come with it.



Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible, players must make a Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin Cash deposit of at least $20 between September 30th and when the 1,000,000th Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash deposit is made.
  • The person who makes the 1,000,000th Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash deposit will win $10,000 credited to their Ignition account.
  • Once the 1,000,000th Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash deposit is made, a random draw will take place awarding ten $1,000 cash prizes credited to winners’ Ignition accounts.
  • All winners will be contacted within 48 hours of the 1,000,000th Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash deposit being processed.