Ignition Poker was one of the very first online rooms where you could play poker with Bitcoin. We gave the people what they wanted: a fast, secure and reliable way to get money in and out of their Ignition account. Using Bitcoin lets you make seamless transactions with very little waiting time, while also avoiding the fees you have to pay when you use other deposit methods like credit cards.

But that’s not all we’re giving you. If you deposit and play poker now at Ignition using Bitcoin (or its close cousin, Bitcoin Cash), you can earn thousands of dollars in free bonus money. This guide will show you how to deposit with Bitcoin and get your hands on that extra cash.

How Bitcoin Deposits Work

If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin yet, don’t worry – cryptocurrency might sound complicated at first, but it’s very easy to use once you’re set up. Think of it as digital money that lives on the internet. To do business in Bitcoin, you’ll need a digital wallet (we recommend BreadWallet), and an account at a certified cryptocurrency exchange (preferably one from this list). The exchange lets you convert other currencies into Bitcoin; the wallet lets you move funds from your exchange into your Ignition Poker account.

The process itself is a piece of cake. Every Bitcoin transaction goes through your digital wallet, which produces two small pieces of code known as keys: a public key, which you’ll use to digitally “sign” for the transaction, and a private key, which is meant to be kept private. All you have to do with your public key is cut and paste it into the requested field when prompted. If you download your digital wallet onto a mobile device, you can make this process even easier by scanning the generated QR code instead of cutting and pasting.

Here’s a quick summary of the steps you’ll take to get money from your bank account to your Ignition Poker account, using the magic of Bitcoin:

1. Send funds from your bank account to your exchange account

2. Convert those funds to Bitcoin

3. Use your wallet to move those funds from your exchange to your Ignition account

It’s that simple. Once your deposit at Ignition Poker has been approved (again, this is much more reliable and takes far less time than other deposit methods), we’ll convert your funds into US dollars and place them directly into your account. Anytime you want to withdraw, just take the same three steps in reverse; we’ll convert your funds to Bitcoin so you can use your digital wallet to access your hard-earned cash.

Use Bitcoin Bonuses and Bet on Poker

Did somebody say cash? You can bet online poker wouldn’t be the same today without deposit bonuses, but there’s an even bigger pile of money waiting for you when you use Bitcoin at Ignition Poker. In addition to our $1,000 Ignition Poker Welcome Bonus on your first deposit, every single time you use Bitcoin to put money in your poker account, we’ll give you a special Bitcoin Bonus – also up to $1,000 – that you can claim by playing the great games at Ignition Casino. Check out our Promotions page for more information, and get ready for the best Bitcoin poker experience on the planet.