It takes something really unique to make the Top Five slot list at Ignition Casino. There's a lot of choices when you want to play online slots for real money but these five games get the most action, so if you haven’t given them a spin yet, you’re missing out on a great play. You can even try them for free by using the Practice Play mode in our Casino.




1. 21 Wilds

Blackjack players have been flocking to 21 Wilds—the first online casino slot game based entirely on the popular game of 21. Game card icons spin over a green felt table, paying out between 2X and 120X your bet per line when you land sufficient matching icons.

A unique feature to this 5-reel, 9-line slot is the multi-direction of the real money paylines. Normally, slot paylines start on the first reel and progress to the right, but with 21 Wilds, the paylines go two ways: left-to-right and right-to-left. That doubles the opportunities to win when you play.

Another way 21 Wilds has increased win probability is through all the bonus features included in the game. Scatters, wilds and bonus icons all contribute to the RTP (Return to Player) in their own way. Landing three scatters, for instance, pays 2X the bet per line and gives out five free spins. Meanwhile, three bonus symbols initiate a bonus round where you choose one of three treasure chests for an instant cash prize—and these prizes are far higher than the even-money payouts awarded in traditional blackjack.

2. 777 Deluxe

With holograms of grapes, watermelons, bells and more, 777 Deluxe brings traditional fruit machines into the future. The classic game icons hover over a zero-gravity backdrop, and as soon as you hit “Spin,” the reels take off whirling in space.

777 Deluxe is a 5-reel slot with 10 paylines that go in three different directions. Line up icons left-to-right, right-to-left and in the middle three reels for triple the win potential, creating a ton of opportunities to cash-in on real money payouts.

None of those payouts compare to the progressive jackpot that’s on the line, and accessing it is as out-of-the-ordinary as the game itself. First, you must land three “Mystery” icons side by side on a payline. These icons can take the form of any other game symbol (acting as a wild) and also trigger the bonus round (acting as a scatter) when they land side by side. In the bonus, a simplified 3-reel, 1-line version of the game is presented for a special opportunity to get extra payouts. Play and land three Gold Seven icons and the payout is the progressive jackpot.


3. A Night With Cleo

A Night With Cleo takes place in ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra is looking for the right kind of company in her chamber. Get up close and personal with Egypt’s most seductive pharaoh and maybe she’ll share her wealth with you. You’ll need to make some smart decisions to incite her trust.

One of those decisions comes in the provocative “Gamble” feature, where you attempt to double a real money payout earned on the reels by guessing which of her two lotus flowers contains gold coins. As long as you guess correctly, you can continue trying to double your profit up to five times.

It’s easy to see what makes this 5-reel, 20-line slot one of the most popular games to play at Ignition Casino: the progressive jackpot, of course. It can be triggered randomly at the end of any given spin. All right, the Double Up Bonus Round is quite popular, too. Warning: Mature Content. With every doubling of your payout, Cleo removes a layer of clothing.


4. Fast and Sexy

If you’re a fan of A Night With Cleo, you’ll probably also enjoy Fast and Sexy. In this game, you’ll play a street racer whose success depends on your crew of mechanic babes. Land three of their icons on the reels and one shows up to celebrate.

Action takes place on five blazing tires that act as reels. To win a payout, you simply need to land three or more matching game icons (only two are required for one icon) on one of the slot’s 20 paylines. These paylines start on the first reel and progress to the right.

With the standard game icons, you can earn up to 500X your bet per line but there are extra ways to grab cash beyond Normal Play. An expanding wild on the center reel boosts win frequency, a free spins mode lets you spin the reels up to 10 times at no charge, and a three-part bonus round combines multipliers for a mega multiplier.


5. Ten Times Wins

Five Times Wins was so popular, they decided to make a sequel with double the multiplier: Ten Times Wins. This might be the best of the “one-arm bandit” games, giving you a simple 3-reel, 3-payline game with the classic Cherry, Bar, and Seven icons that have three tiers of payouts based on the number of coins wagered.

The best icon of the bunch is a 10X logo that acts as a multiplier and wild symbol. This one-two punch increases your odds of landing a winning line since it substitutes for all other game icons, and when you do win with the help of 10X, the payout is 10X the amount displayed on the paytable. Match all three wilds while betting the maximum three coins, and you’ll take down the 5,000-coin jackpot.


You can play online slots for real money payouts and for free using Practice Play mode in the Casino. Next time you’re looking to play online slots for real money, give them a try to find out why so many Ignition Casino players choose to play these five over our other popular real money slots. You may just find yourself with a new favorite game to play.