Big wins, bad beats; game-changing strategies. Join us at Ignition's online Forum, where like-minded people connect & share their passion and love of the game.

It’s a virtual meeting place where you can chat about your favorite games, show off your big wins and get feedback other players who enjoy the thrill of online gaming just like you. There are thousands of members and more join every day, so you’ll always find someone to connect with when you join the Ignition community.

Staff from Ignition are on standby, ready to answer any questions from the casino and poker player community. We also welcome your comments and feedback on games and services in order to fine-tune our products post-launch. Join the conversation that’s taking place between players everywhere.

How to Sign Up and Get Started

It’s simple:

·        Anyone with an Ignition account is already 90% set up. Visit the Forum and follow the login prompts.

·        There’s no need to create a unique username or password; simply log in with your Ignition info.

·        Create a screen name. Be creative; the name you select will be attached to your posts and comments on the Forum, giving members a way to identify you.

·        At some point, you may want to fill out your personal profile to share some information about yourself. It doesn’t need to be extensive, just a couple of points that people may be able to relate to.


·       Once your screen name’s created, dive in, browse posts (or create one yourself), or join the casino and poker chat rooms.

Ignition Forum Features and Perks

Big wins. As you browse posts for the first time, you’ll notice that certain things get posted regularly and consistently. Every Tuesday, Forum moderators post information on the previous week’s biggest progressive jackpot wins. Progressive jackpots are the meatiest payouts and make the splashiest headlines. Everyone wants to be in the loop of the latest jackpot payouts, as it provides a glimpse of what’s possible when the stars align and luck strikes.

Be in the know. New games and product updates are posted frequently, so our Forum members are the first to know about hot new releases and game updates. Play a game before everyone else and be the first to give us your thoughts. Look up any game using the Forum search function, which can also be used to find other topics. With over 100,000 posts stored on the Forum at press time, take advantage of the knowledge base of our player community.

News & Updates. Scheduled maintenance ensures that our site is operating as smoothly as possible and fixes any bugs that could be slowing things down. Any time we have scheduled maintenance approaching, or any other important announcement (such as new poker tournaments, promotions or giveaways for example) we always post the details on the Forum so that our members get at least a 24 hour notice. And because not all outages can be planned, we also provide details on unforeseen events within the hour of the interruption.


Voice Your Opinion

Player engagement is the engine that powers our Forum. It’s thanks to your posts and comments that the bulk of the content is created. The posts can be almost anything: a topic of discussion between players, the latest in poker trends, or a question for the moderators. You can also find groups that are more focused on one’s area or interests.

Some people join the Forum as a ways to give feedback on what they like about our site and what they’d like to see —that’s valuable information to us. There’s a special place to share your feedback. If other members like your suggestions, your comments get a higher priority and are sent to our team for review.

In addition to site feedback, we have a Marketplace that facilitates player transactions. If you have a player transfer that you want to sell, or are in the market for one, head over to the Ignition Marketplace to see what’s available. Player transfers are very popular on our site, and we like to make it easy for everyone to use the service.

You ask, we listen. Our members have expressed interest in uploading videos. After all, when you cash-in, you may want to share your excitement with others. We’re currently working on the backend to make that request a reality. Soon enough, videos and live streams will be a fun new feature. Until then, share your big wins on the Big Winners Thread, or fill out the Big Winners Survey that takes the exciting details of a big win and posts it on the Forum. There are endless threads to discuss wins, so be sure to have a look.

With all of the exciting features and perks of the Forum, it can be easy to forget its primary purpose: a place to connect & share. You can be certain that you’ll get a reply to any inquiry, quickly and effectively. Give it a try and see for yourself.