If you’ve played blackjack for a while, you’re probably aware of the Single Deck and Double Deck variations – these are played at casinos around the world, including right here at Ignition Casino. But have you tried some of the more exotic blackjack games? There are dozens of different twists on the most popular “banking” game in the world. Here are four very interesting ways you can play blackjack at Ignition.

European Blackjack

At many casinos in Europe (outside of the United Kingdom), the Player makes all his moves before the Dealer receives the second card. The Dealer must stand on soft 17, and the Player may only double down on hard 9-11. The same rules apply when you play European Blackjack at Ignition. There is also no surrender in European Blackjack; the Surrender button on this layout will not light up when the Dealer’s first card is an Ace or 10-value card.

Perfect Pairs

This is a typical six-deck blackjack game, but you also get to place a side bet that pays off anytime you get dealt a Pair with your first two cards. A Mixed Pair (e.g. KsKd) pays out at 6:1, a Colored Pair (e.g. KhKd) is worth 12:1, and a Perfect Pair (e.g. KcKc) earns you the top prize of 25:1. These prizes are yours regardless of whether or not your hand beats the Dealer's.

Zappit Blackjack

Blackjack would be a lot easier if you never got dealt hard 15-17. With Zappit Blackjack, you can make those two cards disappear by hitting the ZAP button, then you’ll get two new hole cards to play with. In exchange, if the Dealer busts with a 22, it’s a push instead of a win for the Player.

The New Blackjack

We can’t wrap up this tour without reminding you about the modern Blackjack layout at Ignition Casino. This eye-catching design simplifies gameplay and gives you more control over music and background audio. Single Deck Blackjack is now available in the “New” format as well. You can still play the Classic versions of all your favorite Blackjack games at Ignition – try them both, and try the other games to see which ones you like the most.