For well over 20 years now, people have been pursuing the dream: Play poker online and win a big pile of money. If you put in the time and practice to learn how to play poker well, you can make a living playing games like Texas Hold’em – the most popular poker game in the world right now. Texas Hold’em took over at live casinos in the late 1990s, thanks in large part to the World Series of Poker, and it became an online poker sensation when the Moneymaker Era began in 2003. Now everyone wants a piece of the poker action and will play in a live or online room.

But what if you have only a tiny bankroll to start with? No problem. When players play poker online, free is always the best price to enter a tournament, and we’ve got a special series of poker freerolls waiting for you at Ignition's online Poker room. Playing these poker freerolls allows you to win money cash prizes with absolutely no risk, helping you get the practice you need to develop your poker skills – while adding some much-needed cash to your fledgling bankroll. Here’s how you can play in free online poker tournaments at Ignition and start chasing down that online dream today.

What Are Poker Freerolls?

The premise behind the online poker freeroll is simple enough: It’s a poker tournament with zero buy-in and zero entry fee. In other poker tournaments, players pay a buy-in and an entry fee; the buy-ins are collected and put in the money prize pool, while the poker room (whether live or online) keeps the entry fees as their commission for providing the service. In a freeroll, the poker room ponies up the entire prize pool. All players have to do is enter and play.

Types of Poker Freeroll Tournaments

Online poker freeroll tournaments can be split into two online poker camps: Those which provide money cash prizes, and those where players can play to win tickets to another, larger online tournament. The latter camp works much like an online satellite tournament, giving players a chance to turn zero dollars into a significant pile of money when they play in the poker room. Either way, players are getting a chance to add to the bankroll without risking any of it.

Where to Find Poker Freerolls

In order to play the free poker freerolls in Ignition's online poker room, players need to download the free poker software first – our Ignition Poker client in this case. And of course, one needs to open one's free Ignition account if one hasn’t already: Just register, and log into the client once you’ve been approved. If you’re playing at Ignition on your mobile device, there’s no download necessary. Our industry-leading web app will take you straight to the poker lobby, where you’ll find the schedule of available tournaments, including poker freerolls.

For example, Ignition Poker is proud to present our Weekly $2,500 Freeroll Tournament, which takes place every Thursday at 9:05 PM ET. In order to play, you have to reach Chrome status on our Ignition Rewards program; this is the second level of the program, and easily attainable for new players. Once you’ve achieved Chrome status from all your poker and casino play online, you’ll be issued a poker tournament ticket every week that you can use to enter the poker freeroll, and take your shot at winning a piece of the $2,500 money prize pool.

To find any free poker freerolls available at Ignition, the easiest thing to do is open your poker client, go to the Scheduled Tournaments menu, and select Micro for the buy-in level. This will show you all of the poker tournaments at Ignition with a buy-in of $5 or less. Then you can sort the buy-in levels from highest to lowest and scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find the poker freerolls listed. You can get more information about each poker freeroll by clicking or tapping to open the lobby for that particular poker tournament, then selecting Tourney Info.

Poker Freeroll Strategy

Getting into a poker freeroll tournament at Ignition Poker is the easy part. Winning a poker freeroll is a bit trickier; if you want to improve your chances of taking down a money cash prize, especially the big money prize for finishing first, you’ll need to employ some poker strategy. But since we’re talking poker freerolls, you don’t need to get super-fancy with the moves you make at the table – a simple ABC tournament strategy will reap almost all the rewards that are available at this poker play level.

That’s because poker tournament freerolls offer the softest player pools you’ll find anywhere at Ignition. As a rule, the lower the buy-in level (whether it’s a tournament or a cash game), the fewer experienced players you’ll find at the table as the risk goes up, so does the level of competition. One of the worst things you can do at a poker freeroll is try to play “perfect” poker. You’re not going to be playing against Phil Ivey very often in these poker tournaments.

What you will encounter is a lot of poker players who just want to throw their chips around. There will be “family” money pots where someone limps in from early position and everyone else calls. There will be money pots where someone shoves all-in on the very first hand, and other people call – often with any two cards (and it will almost always be two cards, since the vast majority of poker freerolls are No-Limit Hold’em tournaments).

In a poker freeroll situation like this, there’s no point in trying to bluff your poker opponents off their play hands. It’s just not going to work. The most basic level of ABC poker is all about “betting your hand,” meaning you put in more money when you’ve got a strong play hand, and less money when you’ve got a marginal play hand. More often than not, your poker opponents will call (or raise) you with something worse and hand over their chips. Easy peasy.

The quality of your poker opponents will increase in general as you get deeper in any poker tournament. Freerolls are no different; most of the players who just shove any two cards will get knocked out early, leaving the poker players who care a bit more about their tournament lives. As you find the poker players at your poker table getting better in quality, you can move further away from ABC poker and start using more advanced strategies to tackle them head-on.

Even then, you’ll probably find that simple ABC poker is the best way to proceed. This is an excellent opportunity for newer players to work on the fundamentals of their poker strategy, and it all begins with getting comfortable with “value betting.” This is how you’ll make most of your money at poker as you move up the ranks; bluffing will become more and more important along the way, but it will play a complementary role compared to betting for value.

Getting the Most from Freeroll Tournaments

You can’t win every poker freeroll tournament you enter, of course. Even skilled players cash in only 15-20% of the time. But there’s more to tournament poker than winning money. The poker freerolls at Ignition are a great place for you to work on your online poker strategy by trying out all sorts of crazy moves at the online poker table. It doesn’t cost you a cent, so why not use these poker freerolls to expand your poker horizons?

We can’t stress enough how valuable this online experience will be for newer players. Do you get nervous when you encounter a good opportunity to 3-bet bluff someone, and have trouble pulling the trigger? In an online freeroll, where you have zero risk, you can raise with impunity – so go ahead and fire out those light 3-bets, just so you can get used to the way it feels. The more often you do it, the more natural it will become.

You can take that idea one step further and pull out all sorts of unusual moves that you’d never dream of doing at a larger buy-in. Have you ever folded pocket Aces pre-flop? Unless you’re in an online satellite tournament where you’ve already accumulated enough chips to win a seat, it doesn’t make sense at all to fold AA, but as they say, the most dangerous opponents in poker are those who are capable of doing anything at the table. You are the master of your cards, not the other way around. Prove it to yourself by folding those Aces.

There are plenty of other non-standard plays you can make in online freerolls, so dedicate some of these risk-free tournaments for doing just that. And when you’re playing an online freeroll to win, use a solid ABC strategy to get the most chips from your opponents. Either way, you’ll be able to learn something from your experience and add it to your game, so keep playing, keep learning, and most importantly, keep having fun. Enjoying yourself at the table is the only way to get the most value out of your poker – and online freerolls might be the most fun you ever have playing at Ignition's online poker room.