Special Features

We're always improving our software with new features so you can focus on the good stuff and get the most out of your Ignition Casino experience. Keep checking back here to get in on all the newest updates and tweaks.


Fast, smooth interface

Ignition isn’t interested in clogging up your game with high-res graphics or lagging loading screens. Here, tables load fast and fluidly with clear icons, player indicators and buttons so players can focus on poker without distractions.

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Anonymous Tables

Hit the felt with total anonymity when you play at Ignition Casino incognito. Your opponents will be clueless about who you are and how you play, which really evens out the playing field at the start of any new game— just like in a live casino environment with strangers. Read more about our Anonymous Tables.

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Poker on Browser

The wait is over with the new web poker. Enter our poker lobbies and play any tournament instantly on your browser without the need to install any plugin. Leap straight to the poker lobby with just a click on "Play Now".

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Getting in on the tourney action is faster and easier than ever with our handy search tool, available in both the Sit & Go and Scheduled Tournaments lobbies. Simply type in your query in the search box and find upcoming events by game type, buy-in amount, betting limits and schedule.

New Poker feature


The tool also allows you to include or filter out tournaments by adding a “-” or “+” sign before a search as shown in the screenshot below. You can include positive and negative searches simultaneously.

New Poker feature

There’s always amazing live poker action to be had at Ignition.


Mobile Poker

With our mobile poker feature, you can play on the move—anytime, anywhere. If you’ve got your smartphone or tablet handy, you can visit our free mobile site to get started. It’s quick, user-friendly, and features simple, clear betting options. Play in portrait mode by holding your phone vertically and swiping through multiple interfaces (and tables) for a seamless poker experience.

Don’t waste another second, find out more about Ignition Casino Mobile Poker today.

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Quick Seat

How’d you like to land at a cash game table quickly and easily? With Ignition Casino, you can. Find out more about the Quick Seat feature.


Sync Breaks

All tournaments break at 5 minutes to the hour, every hour, even if you are playing in multiple tournaments that started at different times. Sit & Gos will also break at this time as long as they have been running for at least 10 minutes.


Quick Chat Feature

Our poker chat application lets you choose from several emojis and pre-defined phrases to communicate fast and easily. You also have the option to mute players or entire games.

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Zone Poker

Zone Poker on mobile or desktop cuts out time spent waiting for folded hands to end and new cards to be dealt, which means the action is non-stop. The second you fold at a Zone Poker table, you’ll immediately be redirected to a new table with new players and new cards. This way, you’ll be able to see more cards and play more hands in no time. Read more about Zone Poker.

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All-in Percentage Feature

How are your chances of winning the main pot looking? If you go all-in, a percentage bar will clearly pop up under the cards for each active player displaying their win probability. The percentages appear as soon as the cards are shown and will be updated after each action.

all-in percentage


High Visibility of All the Action

Whether you’re a newcomer or an old pro, you’ll enjoy our adaptable tables that are easy on the eyes. Everything from split pots to bets, new players and hand strength are all crystal clear as you play. The action buttons constantly adapt to the hand at play, and you’ll always know when there are inactive players at the table, so you can focus on the players in the game.


Select Your Card Design

Spice up the action with our selection of card designs. You can play according to your style and gaming aesthetics by choosing one of four designs to customize your cards.

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Customize Your Table

Play your way by updating the look and feel of your table to enhance the playing environment. With our customizable table skins, you can take your pick of five colours with a racetrack theme for a personal touch: red, blue, green, orange and magenta. Select Settings ->Table Settings and use the drop-down menu to browse your options.

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Customize Your Setup

It’s easy to jump around in Ignition Casino. You can grab a vacant seat easily and swap spots with a left click. If you need more information about your game, you can check out the collapsible notifications panel.





Hand History Viewer

Check out your past hands as they develop, especially if you want to relive all the action, which you can do easily with our hand history viewer. With fast-forward and rewind buttons, you’ll have total control over your viewing experience. This feature is an especially useful tool if you want to up your game and analyze your style. The viewer is available for Cash Games, STT’s and MTT’s. Activate the hand history viewer directly from the table you’re playing at or from the hand history details page.


Complete Hand Histories

With this great feature, you can view everyone’s hole cards from previous poker sessions. Full hand histories will be available to download 24 hours after the conclusion of a scheduled tournament, Sit & Go, or cash game. The hole cards of all players will be revealed regardless of whether they played the hand or not, which only offers added insight into how the previous hands unfolded. It’s a great way to get to know the game better and improve your own strategy.


Instant Heads-Up Rematch

Got an opponent you really enjoy playing against? Well, you can keep the competition going thanks to Ignition Casino’s Instant Heads-Up Rematch feature. You and your rival can return to the same table and dive back into it. As soon as a Heads-Up match is over, you can rematch your opponent, which will start a new Heads-Up game.


Multi Entries for Zone Poker

For a more exciting and fulfilling Zone Poker experience, you can now play two entries at the same time in a single player pool. Buy in to a Zone Poker table and we’ll give you the option of playing one or two entries.


Single Session Player Notes

Gain the upper hand by analyzing and studying your opponent’s plays and strategies. With player notes, you can jot down your insights in the blink of an eye during a tournament, Sit and go or cash game.


Rabbit Cam

Ever wondered what the next card would’ve been? With our redesigned Rabbit Cam feature, you can see what the next card dealt would’ve been when a hand completes after the flop or the turn, but before the river has been dealt. If a hand completes after the flop, the turn card will be shown. If it completes after the turn, the river card will be shown.


Hand Re-Player

Want to see what they threw away? You can see your opponents’ mucked hands in the text version of the hand history.


Play More Tournaments

You can play anywhere from 1 to 20 tournaments— it’s now entirely up to you. Enjoy up to 4 Cash or Sit & Go Tournament tables simultaneously, as well as Multi-Table Tournaments at up to 20 tables total.

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Re-Entry Tournaments

For many of our tournaments, eliminated players will have the opportunity to re-enter play for a second, third or in some cases unlimited number of times. Tournaments starting on the hour (ex. 9:00, 13:00, 21:00) usually have at least one re-entry available. In addition, all Crazy Eights tournaments allow eight re-entries and all Lucky Sevens tournaments allow seven. Tournaments that have unlimited re-entries will state this in the tournaments’ title: (“Unlimited Re-Entry”). Check each event for details.


Embedded Casino Games

Your favorite Casino games and mini-games are at your fingertips. Find a world of options built directly into the poker software, and pick from a huge selection of 3D, video and progressive slots; blackjack, roulette, video poker, specialty games and so much more while you play poker. You can also play a wide variety of Slot and Table minigames directly at the Poker table in between hands.

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