Rev up the poker action with total freedom when you take a seat at our anonymous tables. With this feature, Ignition Poker players can hit the felt incognito, which means that when you sit down at a table, your opponents will be clueless about who you are and how you play. Anonymous poker evens out the playing field at the start of every new game – just like in a live casino where nobody knows your name.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to try anonymous poker, now’s your opportunity. This is the wave of the future; before too long, this might be the only way to play. In a way, it’s nice to be recognized at the poker table, and to see your name at the top of the prize list when you win a big tournament. But when you play poker under a username, you give your opponents the chance to figure out your style and fight back.



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Is Online Poker Rigged? (Poker HUDs and the Recreational Player)

Not long after people started to play poker online 20 years ago, the first poker tracking programs were invented. These programs log every single hand of poker the user plays, collecting all the information available – including other players’ usernames and the moves they make on the felt. In addition, all this information is shown to the user in real time via a “heads-up display” (HUD). This is incredibly valuable information; if people use it correctly, they can anticipate your moves before you make them, and exploit your tendencies.

This is obviously bad news for recreational poker players. Even if you happen to be very good at poker, the last thing you want in a game of incomplete information is to hand your playbook over to your opponents. It can be especially frustrating when you’re just starting out – which is why we recommend Ignition anonymous tables as the best form of poker for beginners. By protecting your identity, you can keep the sharks at bay while you’re learning the ropes.

If you happen to be one of those sharks, anonymous poker can help you out, too. Playing with a HUD does give you an information advantage, but like anything else, it’s what you do with that information that counts. Many players end up getting stuck in their poker development by using the HUD as a crutch; they fail to learn the deeper theory behind the game, and they don’t learn how to properly adjust to the competition, especially in the live arena when they don’t have the HUD to rely on anymore.


Anonymous Tables and Bitcoin

It’s even easier to see the value of anonymous poker in the Bitcoin Age. Every hand of poker you play is a financial transaction; money exchanges hands, even if it’s just the blinds and antes. With poker, if you conduct those transactions under a username, other players can figure you out and take advantage of you – just like they can in the “real” world when you use fiat currency. Bitcoin allows you to conduct transactions with a layer of anonymity that protects you from financial predators. At some point in the near future, unless the environment changes, cryptocurrency will take over as the preferred method of doing business.

So it is with anonymous poker. Players who want to see their name in lights will always be better off playing live poker, preferably in front of the camera. Recreational players and many power users will prefer the anonymity that playing online poker was always supposed to offer. The vast majority of poker players fall into the second camp. Don’t get taken advantage of at the poker tables. Play anonymous poker at Ignition today – and yes, we accept Bitcoin.




Anonymous Poker Strategy

When it comes to poker strategy, people tend to use one of two styles: exploitative, or optimal. The first style is when you respond to your opponents and try to take advantage of their mistakes – this is the style preferred by people who use HUDs. The second style is a bit more difficult to master; it looks at the mathematical ratios between bet size and pot size, considers the strength of the possible hands you and your opponents are holding based on the moves you’ve made, and tries to make the “right” plays to avoid getting exploited by other players.

Optimal poker (aka Game-Theory Optimal, or GTO for short) may seem ideal when you don’t have any information on your opponent – and therefore ideal for anonymous poker. However, the best poker players in the world are actually using a blend of these two styles. And when you play anonymous cash games at Ignition, you still have the opportunity to pay attention to your opponents and try to exploit them. If you notice a player at your table is opening too many hands, you can still fight back by raising and/or calling more often. And remember, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you.

Need more convincing? Give anonymous poker at Ignition a try by playing for low stakes, or even at the Play Money tables. It won’t take long for you to see the benefits – and once you’ve tried anonymous poker, you may never go back.



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