Play Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments at Ignition

Our Texas Hold’em tournament schedule features a wide variety of poker tournaments, allowing players to select their preferred format, table size, stack size, speed and game type. Here’s a look at some of the more popular tournament options at Ignition:


Single Table Tournaments (STTs): These tournaments have only one table, and the game usually continues until only one player is left standing.

Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs): These tournaments are comprised of multiple tables, which decrease in number throughout the game as players get eliminated, until only the final table remains.

Table Size

  • Heads-Up: Only two players at the table
  • 6-Handed (aka 6-max): Six players at the table
  • 9-Handed: Nine players at the table (standard table size for tournaments)

Stack Size

  • Regular Stack: 1,500 chips
  • Double Stack: 3,000 chips
  • Super Stack: 5,000 chips
  • Extra Play: 7,500 chips
  • Monster Stack: 15,000 chips


  • Hyper-Turbo: Blinds increase every five minutes or faster
  • Turbo: New blind levels every six minutes
  • Semi-Turbo: 6-9 minutes
  • Regular: Every 10 minutes  

Game Type

  • Re-entry: Players can re-enter the tournament if they get eliminated, giving them more chances to win, while also creating a larger prize pool.
  • Freezeout: These tournaments do not allow re-entries; players are eliminated after losing all their chips, making each hand even more important.
  • Knockout: Players are awarded a bounty prize for eliminating other players, making the game more competitive and aggressive. If the tournament uses a Progressive Knockout format (PKO), the bounties will get bigger as more players are eliminated.
  • Shootout: Players compete at individual single tables, and the winner of each table advances to the next round until there is only one table left, which plays down to the sole survivor.

Different Types of Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments

No-Limit Hold’em

With No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments, there is no maximum bet or raise limit. Except for very rare occasions, players can bet any amount of chips they have at any time during the hand.

Fixed-Limit Hold’em

As the name implies, there is a fixed limit on the amount that can be bet or raised during each round of a Fixed-Limit Hold’em tournament. The only two bet sizes allowed are the small bet and the big bet; raise sizes are also pre-determined, and players cannot go beyond these limits.

Pot-Limit Hold’em

In Pot-Limit Hold’em tournaments, the maximum bet or raise is determined by the size of the pot. Players can bet any amount, up to the total size of the pot at the time.

Rules & Strategy

Tournaments have different rules than Texas Hold’em Poker cash games. In tournaments, players pay their buy-in amount plus an entry fee (usually around 10%), and receive a set amount of chips, with the blinds increasing at regular intervals. This format requires a different approach compared to cash games if you want to maximize your chances of winning.

Here are some basic strategies to keep in mind when playing tournaments at Ignition:

  • Start Slow: Be patient and conservative early in the tournament when the blinds are low.
  • Know Your Position: It's important to know your position at the table, and understand when you are strong and when you are weak.
  • Capitalize on Mistakes: Look for opportunities to accumulate chips when other players make mistakes or play too aggressively.
  • Watch the Clock: Be aware of the increasing blinds and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Leverage Your Stack: If you have a small stack of chips, you need to be more aggressive and take more risks to stay in the game. Prepare to go all-in if you’re going to enter a pot with a short stack.
  • Protect Your Stack: As the tournament progresses, focus more on protecting your stack rather than bullying the table. Practice “selective aggression” by picking the right spots to pounce.

Texas Hold’em Tournaments FAQ

How do I enter a Texas Hold’em poker tournament?

You can enter a Texas Hold'em poker tournament by registering and paying the buy-in plus the entry fee. Download Ignition's Poker client now, or log in directly to our webpage to view all of the tournaments available for registration.

What are the blinds?

The blinds are mandatory bets that the two players to the left of the Dealer must place before each hand. The purpose of the blinds is to ensure there is always money in the pot to fight over.

What is a prize pool?

The prize pool is the total amount of money that is up for grabs in the tournament. It is made up of the buy-ins from all the players, with the top finishers in the tournament receiving a portion based on their finishing position.

What is a rebuy?

A rebuy is an option in some tournaments that allows a player to buy more chips if they run out or fall below a certain number of chips. The rebuy period is usually limited, and there is usually a fee to rebuy.

What is an add-on?

An add-on is an additional purchase of chips that can be made at the end of the rebuy period in some tournaments.

What is a satellite tournament?

Players can win entry into a larger, more prestigious tournament by winning a satellite tournament. Satellite tournaments have a much lower buy-in, and offer seats to the larger tournament as prizes instead of cash.