Major Moolah

Game Description

It's time you came into some Major Moolah and that's exactly what this lucrative 3-reel progressive slot is for: making it rain cash and big payouts so you can make it to the big leagues. The rich might keep getting richer, but there's no reason why you can't jump on the money train and make a pretty penny for yourself. With classic symbols like Gold Stars, Triple Sevens, Bars and so much more, this game is just the thing to keep you going as you hunt for that big payday. Keep your eyes on the prize and watch the reels because the right combination will land you some much needed moolah.


Progressive Jackpot

  • The progressive jackpot can be randomly triggered at any time during the game by hitting three Major Moolah symbols on the reels.
  • The jackpot only pays out when the maximum bet is in play.
  • After the progressive jackpot is triggered, it returns to the base amount and then starts to increase again.


Additional Information

  • 3 reels, 1 line.