Your cash is on the table and you’re about to make a move but you’re suddenly disconnected. What happens next? No worries – our disconnection protection software, which identifies poker players who’ve been disconnected from our game server, has you covered.

Remember, if you’re still connected but don’t make a play in time, this type of protection doesn’t apply. You’ll time out of the hand and automatically fold. If this occurs during a tournament, you’ll be placed on ‘Auto Fold’, and in cash games, you’ll be placed in ‘Sit Out’, until you come back to the table.

If you’re disconnected during a hand, the software will detect your state and you will be awarded with an added 30 seconds to act. If you successfully reconnect within this timeframe, the table and/or tournament you were playing in will reappear automatically (if it isn’t already open), and you’ll have 30 seconds to act. If you do not act within this timeframe, your hand will fold.

The only instance where a player is given extra time to act is if they are disconnected from Ignition Casino’s poker software. Should there be a system delay not attributed to Ignition Casino, regardless of the cause, if a player does not act in the specified timeframe, their hand will be folded. If a player is disconnected during a hand where the action is checked to said player, the hand will be checked unless a specific action on the part of the player is required.

See our Terms of Use for a comprehensive list of rules that all players must comply with.